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Post REZZED 2019 Recap

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

The pugs have rested and are back at work! EGX REZZED is a wrap and we received some amazing feedback from the show. There were a bunch of awesome games and people on the show floor and we saw some great new stuff from our fellow developers! The overall turnout for Double Pug Switch was overwhelmingly positive!

The overall atmosphere of the event really demonstrates the power these events can bring; it's just bursting with creativity and really gives everyone a motivational boost!

To the Feedback!

We received lots of positive feedback from players regarding a number of things surrounding DPS so let's dive in to some of that now!

First off, everyone loved our Pug plush we brought to the show and even asked if we will have some plushies surrounding the game? this is something we would love to look into and keep you all updated about!

The next bit of feedback we received was that it was a little tricky to see which platforms the player was able to land on after switching dimensions.

We are working on making the platforms more visible through visual effects and won't solely rely on colour. This will not only make it more clear while switching but also make the game accessible to more players!

What's Next?

The team will be working hard over the next couple of months to improve the quality of the game, introduce new features and make the overall experience much more polished!

We also have a Subreddit now!

Here you can share anything and everything related to Double Pug Switch, Ask us questions and interact with any other members of the DPS Community! we may also share little Dev updates from time to time! you can Click this icon to go there now!

And that's it! We would like to thank everyone who took the time to check out our booth and provide us with some awesome feedback!

Also Shout out to the people who managed to beat Lord Sker! some of those jumps were pretty hard!

If anyone has any additional questions or feedback for us feel free to tweet us @ThePolygonLoft or post it in our subreddit!

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