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Meet the team

The Polygon Loft was founded in March 2018 as a small project in Simon Jordan's spare time to reignite his passion for creating games. In just under three years, we have expanded into a small but well refined team of specialist key members. We are extremely passionate about our games and at our core we not only want that to shine through in it's design, but to inspire others to do the same.


Simon Jordan

Sam Dalton

CEO, Founder
Art Director, Co-Founder

Patrick Day-childs

Marketing and Community Director, Co-Founder

The Creative Compass of the company. Simon ensures that the gears are turning, the oils topped up and that everything runs smoothly. When not making games he's playing them with lightning fast fingertips.

The creative juice of the trio. Sam does a little bit of everything - from UI/UX, illustrations, portraiture to website design. Massive fan of Anime and 40k, often spends his free time converting his Chaos Space Marine army.

Also known as his online alias Custard Trout, Patrick oversees the marketing and community aspects of The Polygon Loft. With a few little pups now, he doesn't have much time to chill nowadays but he does still manage to dye his hair into a wonderful rainbow.

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